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testimonials: Testimonials

Dani Carpanen
Hospital Series 6

"To me, Derek is one of the finest Documentary Editor's in the business. He is always my first port of call especially after working together on an intense, award nominated Hospital film for BBC2, with extraordinary, complex material and a hard TX date. 

He has a way of seeing the nuances of a story, and is able to bring it to life in an engaging but interesting way, always with the right sense of tone and pace. More often you will leave the room, and a little while later return to find that some kind of magic has happened. On top of all that he is a funny, lovely person who is really brilliant company."


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"Derek is one of the best storytellers in the business.  He can draw humour and emotion out of the blandest set of rushes; he develops character in an incredibly insightful and thought-provoking way; and he’s a master at creating mood and dramatic tension.  He’s also a joy to work with, bringing a dynamic, problem-solving approach to the hardest of productions"

Helen Seamen
Edit Director

Derek is quick to understand the tone and content of different subject matters and is confident at cutting all styles of programme. Our work is always very collaborative; Derek works quickly and thoughtfully, with flair and sensitivity, and holds in mind the overall shape of a programme while simultaneously keeping a sharp eye on the detail. Finding an editor is a personal choice, and Derek is top of my list.

Juliet Dwek
Director/Producer & Series Producer

"Derek always makes a unique contribution to the edit - he's editorially confident, clever with music and his sensitivity and humour means that he can bring the rushes alive. Definitely one of the best I've worked with"

Helen Richards
Series Producer & Director

"I just watched and really enjoyed the doc. I think it is utterly winning, and very well put together...... There is much that is wonderful in the film, and made me feel quite nostalgic!
So thank you, and well done"

Sam Mendes

Director - Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

testimonials: Testimonials
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