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I am an experienced documentary film editor and have a strong narrative sense and the ability to react quickly and efficiently to programme challenges.

I have become known for my strong editorial skills and my ability to creatively tease out the emotion from material. My BBC training means I have excellent technical knowledge which adds significant depth to my expertise as an editor. 

My experience of making many award winning programmes in Documentary and Factual means that my work frequently involves setting up new series' and styles. 

After 20 successful years editing I still genuinely love what I do and always manage to maintain a good sense of humour...most of the time!

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"Derek Wilson is a fast and extremely gifted editor, with a wonderful natural intelligence and an innate ability to tell a story well and succinctly. He knows exactly which pieces of sync to pull and how to develop a good character. He's great with music, decisive, brimming with enthusiasm and humour, and a thoroughly good person to work alongside".

Nicky Bolster

"He is one of those unusual editors who can easily transition between different programme genres.
Not only is Derek a really fabulous editor he's a lovely person to be locked in a dark room with! He is very strong editorially, understanding how to draw out warmth and humour in characters and how to drive a narrative forward. He is brilliant with music and able to use it to add an extra dimension to his story telling. He is always upbeat and positive even in those moments where edits inevitably get a little tricky"

Sara Evans
Series Producer & Edit Producer
Hospital Covid Special BBC2

"I don't want to tell too many people how good an Editor Derek is, and how lovely it is to work with him... I'm already struggling to get him in time to work on projects with me!  Yes, he's great. Yes, I'd work with him again. But, shhh, don't tell anyone else about him..."

Jo Woolf
Series Producer & Edit Director

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